Intensive Supported Employment

Intensive Supported Employment

Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) are designed to assist individuals enrolled in Managed Medicaid CHealth and Recovery Plans to receive supportive services either in their own home or in the community. Fundamental to HCBS services is a person-centered and recovery-focused provision of care. Argus Community’s Intensive Supported Employment program assists individuals to obtain and keep employment at or above minimum wage. Individuals will receive supports that assist an individual to learn a new job or maintain a job in a competitive marketplace.

Caring and resourceful staff will help the participant to locate a job or develop a job on behalf of the individual via the use of individualized placement and support services that include rapid job search including acquisition of hard and soft skills to retain employment, training and systematic instruction, as well as providing support for the job application process such as resume writing, interviewing and application submission. Participants are supported to establish or maintain self-employment, including home-based self-employment. Every member receives a comprehensive evaluation, a patient-centered individualized service plan with self-stated goals, and a program of therapies unique to their treatment needs.

Eligibility Requirements

Intensive Supported Employment is a Home and Community Based Service (HCBS) available for people 21 and over who are enrolled in a Medicaid Managed Care Health and Recovery Plan (HARP) and found eligible after completing the NYS Eligibility Assessment. An individual must have made a clear decision to work in competitive employment in the community.


To make an immediate referral call 718-401-5645  or click here


Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

760 East 160th Street
Bronx, NY 10456

NOTE: For any barriers to this process, intake concerns or delays, contact Max Valle, Program Director at
or call 718-401-5645.

Services Include

  • Comprehensive screening and assessment services
  • Patient-centered individualized plans of care and care coordination
  • Individual vocational counseling
  • Job discovery and job placement services
  • Systematic job analysis, job carving, job development and job coaching
  • Negotiation with prospective employers
  • Customized employment training and systematic instruction
  • Benefits counseling support
  • Asset development and career advancement services
  • Transportation navigation services
  • Collaboration with Managed Care Organizations
  • Coordination of care with Health Home Care Management Agencies

Argus Community ensures Intensive Supportive Employment program clients have continuous access to high quality home and community based services that are integrated into a comprehensive, person-centered and recovery-focused provision of care.


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