Whistle Blower

Argus Community
Whistle-blower Policy 

At Argus, we strive to make a difference in healthcare, to improve the lives of those we serve, and to help build sustainable value for the community. Achieving these goals depends largely on our commitment to conducting business ethically and with the highest regard for quality care.

Argus strictly prohibits intimidation, harassment, discrimination or retaliation (or in the case of an employee, any adverse employment consequences) against any Board Member, Executive, employee, volunteer/intern or any other person who, in good faith, makes or supports a complaint or provides information or assistance to an investigation under this Policy, even if the complaint is ultimately determined to be without merit, or to law enforcement officers or governmental agencies or bodies. However, employees who deliberately or maliciously provide false information may be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension or termination of employment.

Argus asks that you report any of the following (not limited to the following):

  • Violations of applicable laws, rules and regulations related to accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing and financial matters;
  • Financial fraud or fraudulent statement to any governing authority;
  • Intentional misstatements, misrepresentations, deception, or fraud in the preparation, review or audit of any financial statements;
  • Intentional misstatements, misrepresentations, deception, or fraud in the preparation, review or audit of any participant files/paperwork;
  • Misappropriation or misuse of Argus’s assets or embezzlement, or self-dealing, private inurement and private benefit, i.e., using Argus’s assets for personal gain or benefit;
  • Inappropriate contact, relationships or advances toward a participant or staff member;
  • Destroying, altering, concealing or falsifying a document, or attempting to do so, except as permitted under Argus’s document retention policies;
  • Violations of any of Argus’s Policies and Procedures

The foregoing list is not intended to be exhaustive but rather to provide examples of the types of improper conduct covered by this Policy. If you believe that you or another individual has been subjected to any conduct of the type described in this Policy, you are urged and expected to report the relevant facts promptly.

You should direct such reports to your Program/Department Head, the Human Resources Department and/or the President/Chief Executive Officer. You should choose whichever of the listed individuals you feel most comfortable contacting under the circumstances. You should report the conduct regardless of the offender’s position at Argus and should also report the conduct even if the offender is not employed at Argus (for example, a vendor, guest, or “temp”). Your prompt reporting is very important so that Argus can take action to stop the conduct before it is repeated. All reports will be followed up on promptly, with further investigation conducted where needed to confirm facts or resolve disputed facts. If desired, a complaint may be submitted anonymously, but it should be recognized that anonymous complaints may be more difficult to investigate. In conducting its investigations, Argus will strive to keep the identity of individuals making reports as confidential as possible.

No Retaliation – Threats or acts of retaliation against individuals who report, in good faith, inappropriate conduct pursuant to these policies or provide information in connection with a report by another individual will not be tolerated. In the event you believe that you have been retaliated against for such action, you should use the above procedures to report the pertinent facts promptly. Argus will investigate and take appropriate action in the manner described above. Any employee who is determined to have knowingly or intentionally engaged in retaliation may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination of employment.