Harbor House I Intensive Residential Program

Harbor House I Intensive Residential Program

Harbor House I offers rehabilitation and recovery to 59 male and female residents with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders, 18 and over who are in need of long-term residential treatment. Harbor House I operates as a modified therapeutic community offering a systematic treatment approach that is guided by a perspective on the substance use disorder, mental health disorder, the individual, and evidenced based recovery. The therapeutic community consists of the social environment, peers, and staff who, as role models of successful personal change serve as guides in the recovery process. Thus, the community is the context in which change occurs and the method for facilitating change.

An integrated team of board certified psychiatrists, registered psychiatric nurses, licensed social workers and certified alcohol and substance abuse counselors provide individualized treatment tailored to different diagnoses and varying levels of functioning with the goal of enhancing patient quality of life. Many residents complete treatment re-entering the community with life skills and paths to long term recovery.

Eligibility Requirements

Adults 18 years and older; a co-occurring substance use and mental health disorder.


To make an immediate referral call 718-401-5700 or click here

Program operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We accept agency, hospital and legal referrals, and walk-ins are welcome.

402 East 156th Street
Bronx, NY 10455

Services Include

  • Comprehensive assessment and treatment planning
  • Evidence-based individual and group counseling
  • Medication assisted-treatment (MAT)
  • Life skills, educational and vocational counseling
  • Health education and support, and aftercare.
  • Mental health services include initial and ongoing psychiatric assessment, symptom and medication monitoring and enrollment in a co-located OMH-licensed day treatment program

Argus Community ensures our Harbor House Intensive Residential program clients have continuous access to high quality supportive services that are integrated into comprehensive, person-centered and recovery-focused provision of care.


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