Richard Weiss

President, CEO

President and CEO of Argus Community

President of BOOM!Health

Areas of expertise

  1. Organizational Development
  2. Agency Growth and Development
  3. Community Networking
  4. Interagency and Funding Liaison
  5. Addiction and Treatment

Richard has been President and CEO since 2000 and has served the agency in various capacities in the last 28 years. Richard is a talented leader with a proven track record. He joined Argus in 1992 and quickly became a respected employee and a devoted team member. Since then, Richard never stopped learning, a testament to his dedication in a time of disruption and transformation. He has achieved morally admirable results in establishing and developing programs and methodologies to meet the challenges of New York’s hardest hit populations.

I never set out to make a statement with my life – I chose to make a difference with it.  – Richard

Richard made it about the goal, not the role. He utilized advanced development and predictive modeling techniques to design programs that adapt rapidly to the changing face of healthcare. He also worked on creating relationships to enable seamless integration of new and existing services.

While growing Argus Community, Richard enhanced all facets of the organization’s culture. More functionality and different useful skill-sets were essential to nurturing an agile leadership team. With such vision as Richard demonstrated early on, it’s no surprise Argus has gained so much momentum moving beyond it’s 50th year.

Contact Details

760 East 160th Street, Bronx, NY 10456