Argus Community Inc. acquires BOOM!Health

Argus Community Inc. acquires BOOM!Health

Increased access to an expanded health care continuum, New York City, and Westchester County: Argus Community, Inc. acquires BOOM!Health

Bronx, New York, April 4, 2018 – Today, Argus Community, Inc. announced the successful acquisition of BOOM!Health, and the expansion of a combined healthcare organization better equipped to meet the needs of under-served communities throughout, New York City, and Westchester County.

Federal and state approvals of the acquisition have been successfully completed, and as of today the organization will serve over 15,000 clients annually with 4 Residential Substance Abuse Programs, 4 Intensive Outpatient Centers, 4 Health Home Care Management locations, 2 Community Health Centers, 2 Continuing Day Treatment Programs. 1 Medically Monitored Withdrawal and Stabilization Service and 1 Harm Reduction Center. Collectively, Argus Community and BOOM!Health has 9 separate health access points across the Bronx, Queens and Manhattan. The acquisition increases the operational services to include a broad spectrum of integrated services, including harm reduction, substance abuse health services, behavioral health care, and mobile care.

At the present time both Argus Community, Inc. and BOOM!Health will retain their current names and brand identities, with BOOM!Health operating as a member of Argus Community, Inc. The BOOM!Health brand identity will be phased out in the coming year.

“The acquisition furthers our 50 year journey to expand and improve health care access, quality of care, and the client’s well-being. Our standards of providing a comprehensive continuum of care for some of New York’s most vulnerable populations is a commitment we make to the patients and families that have turned to us for their care. The BOOM!Health acquisition will expand our comprehensive care model and to add an array of harm reduction, prevention,wellness and empowerment programs.  Combining BOOM!Health’s programs and reach with our longevity allows us to advance our ambitious mission to provide ongoing and continuously improving methods of treatment and prevention that restore the lives of the many under-served New York Families.”

Daniel Lowy -CEO of BOOM!Health and Senior Vice President of Argus Community