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Bronx, NY 10456


The Argus Community ACCESS Program is among the largest and longest NYSDOH approved Case Management (formerly COBRA TCM), Care Coordination and Care Management providers serving the Bronx, upper Manhattan and Brooklyn.  For the past 20 years, the ACCESS program at Argus has been recognized as experts in case and care management by peers, participants (patients & clients), and the NYS DOH.  Our caring staff is available 24 hours to assist participants in remaining healthy, independent and connected to quality social, community & medical services.  Care Managers and Patient Navigators assist with a range of services, including connecting participants with the best medical or other health related care, wellness, prevention and health counseling, housing assistance, legal/court problems, substance abuse issues, family and childcare barriers, recreation & socialization, HASA, HRA, SSI benefits, and any barriers that prevent the participant (patient/client) from being healthy & independent.  

ACCESS-Argus is also a NYS Health Home provider, affiliated with the Community Care Management Partners, LLC Health Home (CCMP*), as well as other Health Homes in the Bronx, Manhattan & Brooklyn.   A Health Home is a large group of health and community agencies that have agreed to work together to help people stay healthier and safer in the community.  The ACCESS network provides services to those challenged and affected by HIV/AIDS, substance abuse & mental health problems, as well as other chronic & persistent illnesses.   Whether an escort to make sure participants get to care, home visits to outreach and case-find, or strong advocacy for entitlements and care, ACCESS has the large and energetic staff to get it done! 


Our Care Management and Health Home services are available to those struggling with or managing and making decisions regarding the following health conditions:  HIV/AIDS; Diabetes; Asthma; High Blood Pressure; Weight; Substance abuse (including smoking addiction); Mental Health/other behavioral Issues; or any severe and chronic illness. 

If you think you are eligible, know someone who is, or are not sure, speak to our intake and assessment staff (noted below) as soon as possible.

ACCESS/SERVICE LOCATIONS: Besides our office location noted below, we have offices and can conduct an eligibility screening or Intake anywhere in NYC, at your doctor’s office, at a shelter, or in your home.


If you are told that you can join a health home, or feel you are eligible, make an appointment to meet with a care management staff.   It is possible that the care manager will decide you are doing well and do not need this special help. Or you may decide it is not helpful to you.  You will not lose any Medicaid benefits or services if you do not join.  If you do join, you will work with a dedicated care manager and team to meet your health, safety and social needs.

 FOR IMMEDIATE APPOTINTMENT or INTAKE (at home, shelter, PCP or our office):

  • Call 718-401-5734 to schedule an appointment
  • Walk-in between the hours of 9 and 4pm
  • For an immediate intake appointment, please click on the Link. Your email address will be sent to out intake coordinator who will contact you within one business day.  Please provide with your name and a phone number where we may reach you.

NOTE: For any barriers to this process, intake concerns or delays, contact Jeffrey Collins, the HH Director at or call 718-401-5408.

*CCMP, LLC is a Health Home partnership between Argus Community, Community Healthcare Network, HELP/PSI, iHealth (a consortium of COBRA care management providers), the Institute for Family Health, Mount Sinai, Urban Health Plan, and VNSNY.  Each provider is an independent provider of case and car